Lightbulb designs to illuminate a user experience based on distance

  • One Foot or Mobile Experience
    Is the handheld gizmo, a device that may be a phone, a handheld book reader, a game device, a mobile video device and unannounced gadget. The screen size can vary greatly and is usually between Quarter VGA (240 pixels) to VGA (640 pixels). User interaction with these devices also varies as it may be a phone keyboard, an alphanumeric keyboard, a touch screen or just a buttons and knobs (we like buttons and knobs).
  • Two Foot or Desktop Experience
    The traditional computer experience. This is the bulk of design work today and reflects everything that can be cool and useful with a maximum of flexibility in design, user interaction, and cool buzz words such as AJAX.
  • Ten Foot or Television Experience
    Design for this distance is typically different from the one or two foot experience. Interaction is usually done with a remote control and the user is typically further away from the screen itself. The resolution of the display varies as television quality is measured differently from typical higher resolution computer interfaces.